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Sigmund Freud: What's On a Man's Mind Art Poster Print

I know what guys want…

Well here’s something: A man from Queens, NY took out an ad on Craig’s List. Exciting! What’s it say? It says he’s willing to trade a “rare 1950s poster” for a two hour massage and enema.

If you rub his body for two hours then shove a hose up his ass and flush his colon with water he’ll give you the poster on the right.

Is it authentic? Based on the ad, it’s hard to tell. ┬áThis poster has had a long production run. It’s still printed today. If it is an early copy, then what’s the poster worth? Here’s an early version that I found on eBay. The current bid is US $129.99. Let’s hope the Craig’s List bidder is doing it for the love of enemas and not the value of the art….



  • Pippin

    You are the best writer I’ve seen in a while I told my wife Francine about this blog she’s very much into this stuff