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The Checkered Bandit

The Checkered Bandit

It didn’t take long for Adam Lindemann to recover Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio, the Salvador Dali work that was stolen from the wall of his Upper East Side gallery.

The New York Post broke the details.

Four days after it was stolen, Lindemann received an email message that read, “Cartel on its way back to you already.” Included in the message was a tracking number.

Using that information, the NYPD notified postal inspectors who intercepted the painting at JFK Airport. The package was addressed to the gallery. It had a return address which was illegible and probably non-existent.

By all indications, the painting arrived in excellent condition.

Mr. Lindemann described the experience in fitting language. It was, he told the NY Times, “quite surreal.”

UPDATE: According to Le Figaro, the Dali was mailed from Athens.