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The autopsy report for Thomas Kinkade was released yesterday. According to the Santa Clara County medical examiner, he died of an accidental overdose of Valium and alcohol. The reaction to the news mixed with empathy and snark. His supporters lamented his inner demons while his detractors amused themselves at his expense.

The following is a Children’s Collection of Snarky Kinkade Comments that were harvested from these fine Internets:

he should have prayed harder

That cozy log cabin, with fragrant smoke lightly filling the winter
air from the chimney, in a snowy forest…may you haters burn in that
cabin, as its goes up in a flash fire, from Thomas’ accidentally
spilled bourbon as he staggered to the back door to relieve himself in
the snow.

His work was an important representation of unimportant art.

American and Proud
I heard [h]is art was paint by numbers. He did a nice job.

> Artists seem to always struggle with depression and substance
> abuse. I guess even Christians ones do too.

So how does that explain Kinkaide’s problem?

Finally, Kinkade turned the numbing effect of his production-line
paintings on himself. If you take a stiff drink his cuddly balderdash
might look like art. Better make it two.

Darr Sandberg
> Kinkade absolutely captured that like no other artist could

You owe it to yourself to see more figurative art. Seriously

I refer to it as the KMart Blue Light Special of painting