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Mark Lugo walked into a San Francisco gallery and brazenly walked out with a Picasso valued at $225,000.00. The San Francisco Examiner caught up with him in the County Jail. Lugo told the Examiner that he was “stunned” that his case had generated international attention.

Other items of interest:

1. Lugo has been unable to contact his girlfriend and family since his arrest. Their numbers are on his cell phone which had been confiscated by authorities.

2. He’s looking for a top defense attorney, not some public defender. I’m sure Lugo can afford it. He has a $225,000.00 Picasso several expensive works of art.

3. Lugo feels “This has been completely blown out of proportion.”

4. After he stealing the Picasso, he headed to Napa to party with friends. Police arrested him during the party inside a Napa condo. Talk about a buzz kill.