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Who the fuck is Jackson Pollock?One of my favorite movies is Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? It’s a documentary about foul-mouthed, dumpster diving, grandmother named Teri Horton.  In 1992, she purchased a painting in a thrift shop for $5.00. As luck would have it, there’s a chance it was painted by Jackson Pollock. When she tried to authenticate it, she ran into a wall of skepticism erected by art world insiders. Who could blame them? It lacked provenance, a signature and it was found in a thrift shop. If Pollocks sold for fifty thousand dollars, then it might be a Pollock. Since they sell for fifty million dollars, it’s not a Pollock.

Undeterred, Ms. Horton went to great lengths to authenticate the painting and sell it as a Pollock. She hired Peter Paul Biro, a forensics expert from Montreal, who matched finger prints on the canvas with some taken from Pollock’s Long Island workshop. Based on this evidence, Ms. Horton received a $9 million dollar offer for the painting. She declined. Bolstered by Mr. Biro’s forensics work, she was determined to sell the painting for $50 million.

Last year, David Grann published a piece in the New Yorker in which he suggests that Biro may have fabricated the fingerprints he found on clients’ paintings, including those on Ms. Horton’s “Pollock.”  Working with a crime lab technician, Grann discovered aspects that were inconsistent with normal fingerprints but matched a fingerprint cast that Biro made from a paint can in Pollock’s studio.

The Biro filed a defamation suit against David Grann and Conde Nast last month. The alleged forger accuses Grann of publishing a forgery. Will it be poetic justice or egg in the face? Stay tuned.

  • Judith H.

    CORRECTION: The statement, “Working with a crime lab technician, Grann discovered aspects that were inconsistent with normal fingerprints but matched a fingerprint cast that Biro made from a paint can in Pollock’s studio,” is not true.

    On the contrary, it was David Grann’s source, Pat Wertheim, who fabricated a cast and rubber stamp of Jackson Pollock’s fingerprint. Biro identified fingerprints on the painting using high spectral photography, which was clearly stated in the article.

  • JoeDog

    Pat Wertheim was a crime lab technician hired by Theresa Franks to examine the Parker painting. He held a skeptical view of the finger prints on that painting. There is no evidence that Wertheim fabricated the finger prints on the Parker painting.

  • Mrs. O’Hanlon

    Actually, both statemetns are incorrect. It was Wertheim’s associate, Tom Hanley, who made the casts. He was also hired by Theresa Franks, a homemaker and art dealer from Arizona who runs an on-line art gallery from her home.

    “Thomas Hanley made Mikrosil® casts. From these casts, Hanley made rubber “stamps” of the fingerprint and from these produced inked prints which were then photographed.”

    see here:

  • Peter T.

    David Grann’s primary source, Theresa Franks, has been exposed:

  • Teri Horton

    jdfulmar…..Thanks for your fair article and I’m so glad you enjoyed the film Who the @#$% is Jackson Pollock. Franks home was auctioned off for defaulting on the near $900,000 she borrowed against it. Her vile lies have caused massive damage against so many….for shame.

    Franks exposed….


  • Teri Horton

    The following url brings Theresa Franks up to date
    For “shame” those that believed Franks malicious allegations supported by the $900,000 she borrowed against her home to buy off false evidence,
    then defaulted with the bank. No one can find her to serve court papers on. Journalist Grann would have done well had he investigated Theresa Franks….he wouldn’t be in court today.

    This following url brings the authenticity of the
    Jackson Pollock painting known as “Teri’s Find” full circle.'s%20find.html

  • http://None Teri Horton

    UPDATE: Teri Horton’s Pollock painting verified authentic, link at the bottom.

    Those who are hep to the corruption surrounding Pollock’s paintings…such as ….he hated signing his work…..there were numerous pieces signed after
    his death….or how about the gentleman who owns a Pollock drip and it’s listed in the Pollock catalouge
    raisonne. He decided to put IFAR to the test [IFAR the only place you can go for Pollock authentication
    they have rejected all subnissions including mine]
    He subnitted it for authentication, IFAR was unaware
    it was listed and rejected it.
    When you read the update, keep in mind the gentlemans age factor and recall all the peer presure that came down on Ellen Landau when she validated the discovery of the “Natters” Pollock pieces. Take special notice about Pollock’s No.# 5
    included in the article.'s%20find.html


  • Rainer Schickedanz

    1. The report by Theresa Franks FAR. :
    “Park West Gallery’s lone Dali expert Bernard Ewell dead wrong—AGAIN”.
    Is based on speculation!
    The fact is and remains, the above-mentioned lady has “lied” since the beginning of campaign against the family Albaretto!
    The fact is that the relationship between Dali and the family Albaretto was so closely that Salvador Dali had the “sponsorship” by Cristiana Albaretto (now Cristiana Albaretto Cristini) taken over!
    And that this ceremony, which calls by the way the church „honorary post” is something special, it is everyone clearly who itself with it busy!
    And here it doesn’t matter whether a photo says anything or not!
    It does not matter whether a paparazzi-clan has thousands of photos or a Christian family has hundreds of photos!
    Nearly it seems in such a way so, that Theresa Franks was godfather of these devils, since she is with their confused campaign again and again the Christian ethics „ thou shalt not lie” roughly disregarded!
    Mr. Daniel Grant,
    to understand that Theresa Franks FAR has played since a long time a false game with her readers, should also know this:
    In early May 2010 I had under the user name “. … … ….”
    in the forum of Fine Art Registry, under the heading “Park West Auctions” two written reports, which can be substantiated by documents.
    Now a part of this excerpt:
    Freiburg-Kornhaus-Germany, Les Heures Claires / Albaretto.
    The fact ist that the disclosure of the alleged falsification of prints in the case of Freiburg-Kornhaus-Deutschland Les Heures Claires / Albaretto is wrong!
    For this I have received several official letters.
    The fact is that the German prosecutors had to return the seized from Ernst Schöller prints in the case of Freiburg-Kornhaus-Germany Les Heures Claires / Albaretto with available from 23.11.2005 to the owners!
    And so with the addition that the Albaretto’s must be compensated by the German Treasury for its fact!
    David Phillips, now I have doubts about the creditability of Fine Art Registry!
    Because now it is known that the German prosecutor has returned the seized from Ernst Schöller prints to the owners, and thus not excluded that Park West has acquired some of these returned prints, so I ask the question why Fine Art Registry these prints from Park West called the fakes!
    Augsburg, 140 from the collection of originals Albaretto, September 15, 2000 – November 26, 2000: This must be said that I in possession of letters from the German prosecutor Augsburg am I confirm that all information about alleged falsification of originals are wrong!
    This includes the press reports that Robert Descharnes had this issue as it may indicate the Fine Art Registry report, LA RAZON, Sunday 12 November 2004
    their readers suggest!
    The German public prosecutor had decided that the preliminary investigations by Ernst Schöller not in this case could provide evidence of forgery, as his entire scientific research is extremely buggy!
    I feel in my reports just to Salvador Dali, and not about to discuss any misconduct, adopted in labor! In Germany there are special courts for it to resolve these issues if an employee is not treated properly or not!
    These courts observe whether allegations of any kind are allowed or not!
    What attracted my notice at Fine Art Registry – Theresa Franks, the fact that they worked to a large extent the so-called wrongdoing by an employer on its website, which, however, has to do with the actual question of art by Salvador Dali nothing!
    In fact, the German public prosecutor in Mannheim has returned the seized from Ernst Schöller prints of Les Heures Claires – Albaretto, the owners Albaretto!
    The fact is that the German prosecutor noted that Albaretto for their circumstance of the investigation (based on Ernst Schöller) in Germany, the German treasury is to compensate!
    Fact is, therefore, that all contrary reports in the above case are false!!!
    To me it almost seems that in the U.S. is sleeping giant, is lulled by untruth, starting from a Web page is only since the short on the market!
    End of quote part!
    Mr. Daniel Grant, readers:
    The fact is that Theresa Franks me and mine reports within a few hours completely “erased” from this forum!
    Mr. Daniel Grant, readers:
    Isn’t it so that Theresa Franks FAR acts thus against better knowledge!
    Mr. Daniel Grant, readers:
    Isn’t it so that Theresa Franks FAR on purpose “misleading”?
    That’s why should people internalize this:
    You must give the devil not a hearing.
    He will always seek to drive us to despair, after he has led us to evil!
    Rainer Schickedanz

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Now something to “Mrs. Important “- Theresa Franks:
    I think, you should the text „of the Foundation from 10 November 2006” for the readers of this side interpret.

    First this:
    This text is taken from a letter which the foundation had written to me to above date!

    Mrs. Franks, now for it the text passage of the Foundation:
    Comissio D’Acreditacio I Catalogagio

    Mr. Rainer Schickedanz 10th November, 2006

    Dear Sir,
    the Foundation only accepts the technical and scientific opinion of our own experts.
    We hope this information is useful

    Yours sincerely

    Montse Aguer
    Authorizing and Cataloguing Commission

    Mrs. Frank, I interpret as a layman the “written statement” of the Foundation as follows:
    If the foundation with this written statement have “right”, so you Mrs. Franks can write about Mr. Descharnes and his son, what you want.

    It, Mr. Descharnes, can hang itself so many medals around the neck, as he can only get.
    Sotheby’s or Christie’s can Mr. Descharnes and its son as so-called experts present their own expert’s assessments over Salvador Dali like them want, it does not help.
    Fact remains that the rights-successor of Dali’s does both persons not recognizes as the experts!

    “Mrs. Important “- Theresa Franks, I am right in this interpretation, or say the Foundation Gala-Salvador Dali is wrong?

    Rainer Schickedanz

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Readers of this page,
    The copyright of the “Fundació Gala-Salvador Dali” for the page
    Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí :Bibliografia
    Salvador Dalí. Doeken en aquarellen uit de Albaretto Collection = Salvador Dalí. Toiles et aquaralles de la Collection Albaretto = Salvador Dalí. Canvas and water-colours from the Albaretto Collection, Stichting Sint-Jan, Brugge, 1997, p. 54
    © 2007 – Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí – Tots els drets reservats – Avís legal i Privacitat – Crèdits

    is from the year 2007.
    Thus has the “Fundació Gala-Salvador Dali” since the year 2007 acknowledged the photographic and written contents of the above named book (catalog) from the year 1997.
    Fact is, that Mrs. Importantly – Theresa Franks since 28 August 2008 on the side “Fine Art Registry” the “photographic contents” of the above book (catalog) in their report

    Salvador Dali Fakes
    Fine Art Registry Investigation
    Dali Art Fraud, Highly Suspicious “Dali” Works
    Photographs provided by the Salvador Dalí Archives Ltd., of New York City. Their provenance is Mara and Giuseppe Albaretto, Turin, Italy.
    Photos, August 28, 2008
    These photographs have been scanned and distributed to Dali specialists around the world. The consensus? The vast majority of these works are fraudulent – not by the hand of Salvador Dalí.
    We present these works here in their entirety, for all to see, the largest art fraud ever recorded; the largest art fraud disseminated to the world via the Internet. The perpetrators? Stay tuned.
    Highly Suspicious “Dali” Works (Page 1 of 2, view Page 2)

    roughly abuses and and with above-mentioned report “Salvador Dali Fakes – Fine Art Registry” for their readers of the alleged falsifications of Dali originals in this book reports.
    Reader of this side, this is again the proof that it itself with the campaign of the Fine Art Registry against the Park West Gallery and the family Albaretto, beginning since 22 April 2008, around one „collective lie“ of the persons Mrs. Importantly Theresa Franks – Descharnes Clan and Mrs. Importantly – Franc Hunter (Dali archives New York town center) acts!
    The fact is that I’ve already on 25 January 2009 had pointed in one of my reports in the web, that Mr. Hunter had lost his credibility through various activities.
    Now something to clarification:
    Page 1, Note on the side of Mrs. Importantly – Theresa Franks contains “32 photographic images showing works Dali”.
    Page 2, Note on the side of Mrs. Importantly – Theresa Franks contains
    “67 photographic images showing works Dali”.
    This means – together 99 works.
    Reader of this side, fact is, that 95 of these works is photographically is shown in a book (catalog) over Salvador Dali, that is listed of the “Fundacio Gala- Salvador Dali“ in the category „Biography over Dali“!
    This is a journalistic scandal of the special class, which had these involved persons afforded opposite their readers of the page Fine Art Registry!
    It is impossible to seize this scandal into normal words!

    Rainer Schickedanz

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Theresa Franks – Fine Art Registry:
    Theresa Franks describes itself as the only solution about to elucidate the art market in the United States. And this especially about Salvador Dali.
    Theresa Franks – Fine Art Registry – writes in her so-called special explaining, that the print graphic series Dali’s “Le mille e una notte” and “L’Odyssey” are only graphic print posters, Theresa Franks – Fine Art Registry – writes in her so-called special explaining, that the print graphic series Dali’s “Le mille e una notte” and “L’Odyssey” are only graphic print posters, and for the buyers of these works from the Park West Gallery would have no value!
    Next writes Theresa Franks in her so-called special explaining, that buyers of these works should filing of an action through her special investigation against Park West Gallery.
    Therefor Theresa Franks has written on her website Fine Art Registry names of co-operating lawyers, and describes these people as experts.
    Next Theresa Franks writes in her so-called special explaining, that the original drafts – that originals “Le mille e una notte” and “L’Odysee” from the Albaretto-collection – are forgery (dubious), and are not from the hand Salvador Dali.
    Real extreme accusations which said from Theresa Franks in the public!
    Therefore something to the readers of the page Fine Art Registry.
    The fact is that this so-called special investigating by Theresa Franks about the artist Salvador Dali is a piss take against U.S. citizen at the highest level is, reason:
    The fact is that Theresa Franks didn’t told her readers of the page Fine Art Registry that in the open literature is written something completely different about the artist Salvador Dali!
    Specialist book of graphic prints by Salvador Dali:
    ISBN 3-7913 – 1492-0 German edition
    ISBN 3-7913 – 1602-0 English edition
    Prestel Munich – New York, Declaration of Dali graphic prints on the page 12 as follows:
    “The graphic prints of the series” Le mille e una notte “and “L’Odyssey” are among the outstanding graphic prints works of Salvador Dali.”
    Fact is, therefore, that the publishers of this open literature about Dali graphic prints thus confirm that the original documents from the collection were actually Albaretto and be from hand Salvador Dali!
    But now something else to the readers of this page Fine Art Registry, the food for thought:
    The fact is that one of the editors of this public literature about Dali graphic-prints on 13/01/2009 before the court “Heidelberg – Germany” testified the following about this literature:
    “Without the consent of Robert Descharnes would have this literature about Dali graphic prints couldn’t been published.”
    The fact is thus that the statement by Theresa Franks, that the prints of the series “Le mille e una notte” and “L’Odysee” printmaking posters are, as a collegial false statement by Theresa Franks, …………………………. are assessed, as their statements contradict the content itself and this is in the fact that until today the from me pointed out literature about Dali graphic prints are not denied from the above persons.

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Mr. Daniel Grant, I know the 1961 publication of the Print Council of America. As I recall, this was only a recommendation of the directive of original graphic prints. Isn’t it so, that it gives several reports about it, that in an original graphic print the entire printing process must be performed by the artist himself! Wouldn’t it true that thus an increase of 90% of all known artists including Picasso thus would have had problems? And this with the monitoring by the artist is just a trick by the art trade?
    And what was with the duplication? Again, there are many different opinions!
    Manual handpress or manual machine, this with the machine would be however industrial, right?
    But it is not so, that an artist with his originality of the creator without the use of designated criteria of others or those of conventional printing techniques “to create originals” be able.
    But I come back to Salvador Dali.
    Dali offset graphic ‘Biblia Sacra Rizzoli “:
    The original edition of Rizzoli was award-winning in 1965 as Dali graphic print, and this with the support of Salvador Dali himself!

    Salvador Dali himself has rated the importance of this issue in his graphic oeuvre very high!
    Salvador Dali has added in 1978 an edition of the Biblia Rizzoli with a dedication and handed to the Spanish king during his visit to the Dali Museum in Figueras. About it there are documents from the former media reports from Spain.
    Theresa Franks FAR has publicly allege since circa 2008 that these leaves are simple posters and this people, who have had purchased these prints, would have been deceived.
    This raises the question of which is deception going on here?
    I know three books from the years 1984, 1988 and 2003, which describing these sheets in their manufacturing technology.
    In one of these is described as follows:
    It is reported that Salvador Dali had created the templates exactly for this offset process!
    It is further reported that the Rizzoli master printer with the artist Salvador Dali have had collaborated closely! It will describe that through the use of all special typographic possibilities, that a variety of up to 15 mats and glossy impasto (pastosen) and transparent colors was applied. And this is heightened in part, complemented with gold and bronze!
    The author writes: Dali exhausted all graphic tricks and created somewhat completely „outstanding“.
    Incidentally, the above book author has received in his home country, the Honorary Cross for Science and Art. Further, he has including books on Picasso, Ernst Fuchs and, of course, about Salvador Dali written.
    Theresa Franks FAR noted in a video that halftone dots are present on the Biblia Sacra and Rizzoli and has therefore referred to these papers as posters.
    What Theresa Franks, however, conceals its readers, is the fact that the Biblia Sacra Rizzoli has to be interpreted in their entirety and not only selectively by a small section under a microscope. If Theresa Franks in their video would have published one of the cutouts under the microscope, which the pastosen or which show increases also gold and bronze, and explained that Salvador Dali also worked closely with Rizzoli and its master printers together, then another impression would have developed over this printing graphic product Dalis.
    The spectators were deliberately misled by the video!

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Theresa Franks, Fine Art Registry ignored the decision of the German public prosecutor in Mannheim!

    They provided “knowingly” making false statements on their website in case, “Freiberg-granary in 2000” in Germany.

    The final determination of the Mannheim prosecutor revealed that the State Criminal Office Baden-Württemberg, Ernst Schöller, “could not” prove that the seizures of prints of the artist Salvador Dali, Les Heures Claires / Albaretto counterfeiting.

    “The German public prosecutor in Mannheim, the trial against the family and other Albaretto has closed on 23.11.2005.”

    Further, the Mannheim prosecutor has given the seized prints back to the owners.

    Since 11. March 2008 is “Theresa Franks” this fact to have been known because I have personally been in this time with David Phillips in email contact and “unequivocally” had informed him that there is by the above fact to the family Albaretto “no” criminal prosecution in Germany, this can only to say that Theresa Franks thus informs its readers of the website Fine Art Registry “intentional” the truth!

  • Rainer Schickedanz

    Readers of this page, you could witness, that Mrs. Important – Theresa Franks has not responded to my questions in my published posts on this site!

    That this lady very well knows these questions and contributions, it can be assumed.

    Thus, the fact remains that history has taught that there the “hallmark of this lady” lies in the written defamatory and malicious stories which were not truthfully.
    And in this case this lady shows her true face behind a hypocritical facade which is in reality destructive to position the page of Fine Art Registry and itself to profile as indispensable in the scene!

    Readers of this page, it means nothing other than this:

    At the beginning of your existence you need invent stories with the so-called scandals, and this, even though no scandals exist, to profile itself as a website and/or person.
    You may have no qualms and you will ignorant readers manipulate with your story which are not able to decide what’s true of your story and what is false (a lie)!

    Thus you can at least assume that these ignorant readers will read again your next story, given that scandal reports are more popular than as no scandal reports.
    Here you should note, however, that you will “journalistically speaking” publish mostly unpopular stories over the years on your site, so that you will not get the reputation of “scandal journalists”, who will be questioned with security!

    And should you but once be scrutinized, because of your “false history”, so you should present yourself as a lawyer of the artists.
    And you’ll see that the ignorant readers, which have gained indeed some knowledge, go continue on your hypocritical facade, because scandal reports are more popular than over no scandal reports.

    Readers of this page, the fact is that this procedural method of this lady had from the outset no future, since the history has always had shown that the truth or falsehood of history will come out!

    The real losers of the foreseeable ending story Theresa Franks are all people that have appeared in addition to this lady on the page Fine Art Registry, and perhaps still occur, even if they had no involvement in the false stories of Theresa Franks.

    The rest will be, that the today’s yet ignorant readers get knowledge, and become “knowledge readers”, who will find out that the real scandal of the stories of Theresa Franks, is Theresa Franks itself and therefore they will oneself distance to her.

    Readers of this page, actually I wanted to stay with my reports and information on the artist Salvador Dali and the context with Theresa Franks/Fine Art Registry.
    However, I think the readers of this site should know that I know media reports, in which other still living artist have had to learn about the destructive of discrediting nature of Theresa Franks and their helpers.

    This living artist I can only encourage to defend oneself, and this, it should not otherwise be possible, even in public!

    Readers of this page, me is well aware that it can be difficult the own opinion as an US citizen about the destructive hallmark of Theresa Franks, and above all their helper publicly down to write, because these and above mentioned Lady have “shysters” at the hand, which represented these individuals at the Court or pronounce claim for compensation!

    However, I speak from experience, that the possibility of a publication is not impossible.

    I’ll give an example:
    Since a short time I am in contact with a person who sent me some information that contains shocking about the person Theresa Franks, the website Fine Art Registry, and their assistants.
    Here is a quote from it:

    False statements speak to the true nature and character of a person.

    Theresa Franks’ true nature and character is revealed by her choice to ignore warnings about criminal John Golfis and partner with him and his company Gamut Control.

    This choice sharply contradicts her assertion that she is acting as an “advocate” to protect artists from fraud.

    In fact, FAR artists were defrauded by Golfis resulting from Franks’ partnership with him.

    Rainer Schickedanz

  • Bob

    Jesus christ, stop whining like little bitches it’s a painting.