up arrow Art Update: Overreaction Edition


As I mentioned earlier, on Sunday a French national spray-painted two Poussin works at the National Gallery in London. Apparently pleased with himself, he remained at the scene and waited to be taken into custody. Police were happy to oblige. I’m pleased to say, the Poussins have been restored and returned to their place in the exhibition.

The Poussin vandalism triggered a debate on museum security along with some obligatory overreaction.

The Art Media Agency considers large amounts of security guards to prevent vandalism in the future.

The Guardian’s Jonathon Jones would like to see entrance fees, baggage checks and generally tighter security.

Over at the Telegraph, Florence Jones¬†thinks everyone should chill. Bag checks and a fee won’t discourage determined vandals.

And with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 looming, Bob Duggan thinks art vandalism could be the next terrorism!