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flynnConsidering Harm opens at A Seed on Diamond Gallery today at 1:00 pm. It is an exhibition of 29 mixed media prints by the artist Pamela Flynn. The series was designed to heighten gun violence awareness. And while its opening corresponds with contemporary events, the work actually began two years ago.

This series of prints was inspired by a specific event.  On August 30, 2011 Tameka Johnson was struck by a stray bullet as she slept with her infant child in a second floor apartment. Tameka died of her wound. She was twenty-two.

The pieces were designed to be confrontational. In one example, you stare down the barrel of a gun into a playground. Violence shatters youthful innocence. Another features a series of Roman numbers, notches that tally nameless victims. Each piece documents a particular incidence of gun violence with a caption that describes the event.

Pamela Flynn will donate proceeds from the sale to CeaseFirePa.

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