up arrow Wine Is Fine But Lugo’s Quicker


Mark Lugo at Gary's Wines in NJ

If Mark Lugo ever shows up at your house, you maybe should ask him to leave. Lugo, as you know, has stolen Picassos from galleries, Mie Yims from hotels and a few of other artists during a June acquisition spree. He’s currently held in San Francisco on a series of felony charges associated with a Picasso theft from the Weinstein Gallery.

It turns out, art isn’t the only thing he steals. The  BLT Fish sommelier also enjoys fine wines.  And much like he does with art, the one-time Per Se staffer expects steep discounts. According to the Jersey Journal, back in April Lugo was arrested for the theft of approximately $6,000 worth of wine from Gary’s Wine and Marketplace in Wayne, N.J. The Wayne Township court scheduled Lugo for a June 9th court date but he never bothered to show. As a result, there’s a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear.